Don’t Go Anywhere without a Knife

If you watch CBS’s “NCIS”, you know the title of this article is based on Jethro Gibb’s Rule Number 9. Not a bad rule!

As a matter of planning ahead, prepping for disasters, or just for every day chores — Having a knife is good strategy.

In my pocket, I carry a multi-tool Swiss Army knife. It includes scissors, blades, screwdrivers and even a toothpick.

No matter what a person may ask for, screwdriver, nail file, etc — I can answer — Yup! In my knife! There are some items within the knife that I would not suspect a knife to include. Toothpick and tweezers.

Think about it — Two knife blades, screwdriver ( small and large ), corkscrew, scissors, etc.

If I am going to a function where such a knife might be frowned upon, I carry a much smaller knife ( about half the size of my normal knife ). It has knife blade, nail file, and scissors. This swiss army knife is carried in a flash drive case with a couple of flash drives, a heavy duty paper clip and a couple of safety pins.

I do have other knives but they are located in fanny packs for True emergency situations ( but that is a story for another blog. )