When your printer fails you

Office Depot sent me an email this morning. It included a coupon for 10 dollars off of a $50 ink cartridge purchase. Wow! I can save money!! I need to replenish my supply of ink – both Black & Color. Let me print out the coupon!!!

Arrgh!!! No ink to print out the coupon!

What to do?? What are my options?

I could go to Office Depot and plead with them to accept my word about the coupon.

How about printing the coupon to a file on a flash drive and taking it to the store?

There is a library near my home, I could take the file there & print it out, or just use their workstation to access my email and then print it out!

Store the coupon on my google drive – then at Office Depot, access the coupon on my Droid RAZR smartphone for the sales person to view.

Another option I have is a portable printer in my Road Warrior kit. Unfortunately, the ink cartridge has dried out from many days in the sun baked vehicle.

The coupon was for HP Cartridges only so, I didn’t have to use the above printer options. Next is a real life example of the predicament and use of the above options.

My brother was visiting in Raleigh, NC at a motel. He needed to print out his train boarding pass from his flash drive. The lobby printer would not recognize the flash drive for some weird reason. I gave him the above options and we decided on using the printing capabilities of a nearby library.

No Problem… A few minutes and a few coins and he had his boarding pass.

Retain this list for your next printer emergency.