Blood Letting

No, Not really.

Recently, I was diagnosed with diabetes. So far, I am managing it by dieting and that is working pretty good.

My Doctor sent me to a diabetes educational class at a nearby hospital. Very informative plus they provided me with a “high dollar” kit to check by glucose levels each day. When I went to purchase new strips for the meter, I had not reached my dollar level for the insurance to kick in. 73 dollars!!!

Recently, I ran out of strips and still haven’t reach my deductible. Instead of hitting my bank account for strips, I decided for a lesser meter.

Walmart sells blood glucose meters in their pharmacy. One brand is Relion and model is the Confirm. It might be called a “house brand” although I don’t know that for a fact. The price originally was only 9 dollars for the meter and although I believe that it came with a few strips, the latest ad for the meter does not mention inclusion of strips. The price has risen to about 15 dollars for the meter. A 20 pack of strips is slightly less than 10 dollars.

If you have a need for a blood glucose meter, consider this one. It works. It’s accuracy is acceptable. Check it out on Walmart’s website and read the reviews.