The King of Backups!

The church of Christ that I attend appointed me in year 2001 to be the “Audio Man” with the main task of making certain that our pa system worked well to provide sound re-enforcement for the assembly and record and deliver to the internet the sermons, plus make them available on CD or tape for shut-ins..

As the needs progressed, I now have 3 assistants. They all joke that I am the “King of Backups”. I consider the backups that they refer to as “Alternate solutions” when a piece of audio gear fails to function properly.

With the above in mind, I am getting ready for a week at one of the North Carolina Beaches.

Frolicking in the sand, letting the waves wash over my feet is NOT for me. The isolation from everyday activity is enough of a break.

To while away the hours, I take along several electronic projects to “play” with. Some of this play requires computer communication. To that end comes my laptop and it’s BACKUPs!

My normal laptop is a Toshiba Satellite…. It came with Windows Vista on it. It didn’t take long for me to repartition the hard drive giving half to a Ubuntu ( Linux ) operating system. I rarely go to the Vista side of the laptop. I am seriously considering installing a larger hard drive since I have stored so much on the linux side that I am bumping the space limit.

If for some reason, the Toshiba should fail, I do have backups! My immediate backup is a Google CR-48 netbook running the chrome operating system.

Last but not least is a small 7 inch netbook which has both wifi & wired network capability and is running natively, windows CE. To make it more user friendly, I can boot to a flash drive that has a Debian ( Linux ) operating system on it.

As a final alternate method, I have my DROID cell phone which has the ability to run an SSH client terminal, an FTP client, and a vnc viewer, plus other entertaining goodies.

If all should fail – I can still visit the local library and use one of their workstations.

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