Not a Book Worm — But …

‘Recently on the family email thread, the discussion of book reading was started. A variety of books were thrown into the emails, ranging from Stephen King to H.G Wells and in between.

My own list was varied. I read my bible each day. Occasionally, I will start on a book. If I get engrossed in it. I may complete the book within a week.

There is one book that I am working on. Can\’t get really into, but don’t want to quit reading it. It’s a Pulitzer prize winning book, “The making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. It’s rather long and detailed.

I am good for about 10 pages of reading before I put it down. Once I complete it I want to read several books by H.G. Wells, one that is slightly connected with the history of the making of the atomic bomb — “The world set free”.

More on reading books later.