Gypsy Toast anyone?

I pride myself in being able to easily find items that I search for on the internet, but there is one thing I can’t seem to find. Perhaps one of my readers will be able to help.

During my youth ( approximately 1940 – 1955 ), my mother cooked a dish for breakfast that I really enjoyed. We called it Gypsy Toast. It consisted mainly of can tomatoes in a gravy/sauce type mixture that was poured over toast.

My mother is now in her nineties and doesn’t remember the recipe for this delightful dish. I have searched the internet and found references to gypsy toast, but each time, I find that it is a variation on french toast and no tomatoes in it. I have found some recipes that have what I think were the contents, but none named Gypsy Toast.

One thing I do remember about this recipe was that I am the person that gave it to my mother. I had found the recipe in a Girl Scout manual in the early forties.