Get In the Spirit

Yes! The spirit of Christmas!

Near Wendell, NC one family is really into the spirit. On Lake Myra Road, a fascinating light display with a live Santa Claus in the Yard and a sign saying ” tune to 100.1″.

In this case, the 100.1 is an fm channel being used by the family for a low power fm transmitter. As you drive near the light display with you car radio tuned to that channel, you are treated to Christmas music. Sometimes it seemed as though the flashing lights were keeping time with the music, but that could have been a coincidence.

I am truly amazed at the number of homes that are lit up with brilliant light displays. My wife and I toured a couple of area neighborhoods just to look at the sights.

This is the season! Merry Christmas to all! And a Happy New Year!

Update — 2019, The display has been moved to downtown Wendell, NC.