Perhaps you are familiar with REDHAT, a version of the Linux operating system. UBUNTU and DEBIAN are also versions of the same operating system. ( They are actually called distributions. Versions indicate a possible modification of the original. In the case of distributions, the operating system most likely hasn’t changed, it’s how it is installed, what features are added to it, etc)

Thursday night ( Nov 10, 2005 ), My brother and I attended a meeting of the Triangle Linux users group (TRILUG) at REDHAT’s Headquarters on the NCSU centennial campus. The feature presentation of the meeting was a description of GNOME and UBUNTU. UBUNTU is a new distribution that is built based on the DEBIAN distribution and using GNOME as the desktop interface. GNOME looks a lot like windows desktop screens.

The presenter was Jeff Waugh, who is well placed in the UBUNTU organization and was a former mainstay in GNOME.

From the round of applause at the end of the presentation, I think Jeff’s 2 hour talk ( can you imagine that? Two hours and very few people ever left their seats) was well received. I wonder if many went home and downloaded the UBUNTU like I did. All I have to do now is find a machine to put it on.

Jeff had “jokes” — at least he identified them as jokes, but I guess they were inside jokes which I didn’t understand. I think my brother caught a few of them. His side remarks were funny enough as it was.

I don’t get to “interface” with the linux crowd very much, so I did learn some new things.
1. MOTU. Never heard of this before — means MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE

If you have an extra computer, you might want to put UBUNTU on it and try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

This was my first visit to the TRILUG. I intend on visiting more often and may even become a member.


One of Raleigh’s pioneer restaurants is no longer

My wife and I decided to eat out at one of our favorite Raleigh restaurants — Tippy’s Mexican Restaurant — On Hodges Street.

Normally you walk in and within minutes you are at a table. We usually eat at off peak times, but this time was different. We were eating around 6 pm. My wife was coming from home and I was coming from work. She arrived first and gave me a call on my cell phone. “Are you sure you want to eat here. I don’t know when we will eat. They are lined up waiting.” We decided to wait and eat at Tippy’s.

The wait wasn’t a very long wait, maybe 30 minutes. While in line I asked someone, “why the large crowd”. “oh, didn’t you know? Tippy’s is going out of business. Tomorrow will be their last business day”, they replied. What a shock!!! Tippy’s has been in Raleigh since 1968 — The same year that I moved to Raleigh.
I have always enjoyed eating at Tippy’s. The staff was always friendly and the food was always excellent.
Sorry to see you go!!