Sound System for a Church of Christ Outreach

I have been asked to do another sound system setup for an outdoor church of Christ outreach in the town of Smithfield.

Since I did this setup last year, It will not be as trying as it was then. I have my wiring diagrams, my equipment lists, my helpers, and the list of things that didn’t go as planned last year. With all of that, things should work better.

The outreach last year had approximately 100 in the audience. I believe it was mostly members of area churches of Christ. The outreach needs more publicity and continuity. By continuity, I think it should be held on a regular basis (once every three or four weeks).

One of the weak parts of the outreach was that the audience could not hear themselves sing. In an open area like this, some way of monitoring themselves was needed (see picture of stage above) . I fashioned a monitoring system on the last day. It didn’t work as well as I would have liked. I need a better microphone that can pick up the audience well as a group. I then could amplify it and send it back to them over speakers separate from the mains.


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