Definition: Cloud
Webster’s Dictionary might explain a cloud as something sky bound. The latest talk about “Cloud” is a reference to the internet. For many years, the internet is represented by network diagrams as being a cloud.

Cloud activity of the day is a difference sort of internet work. Instead of having applications on your home or work computer, the applications and files that you are working on live somewhere on the internet ( within the cloud ). Through your broadband internet connection, you login to your cloud server ( my cloud server is at ) and then you select an application to use.

On my cloud, the application to write a document is Zoho Writer. It can produce documents in Microsoft word .doc, open office odt, a pdf file, html file or an rtl document. I am creating this document in an open office .odt file.

The cloud operating system EyeOs is easy to install to an internet server. Adding applications to the system is very simple as well. A short list of what applications I am presently using some of the following:

1.Zoho Office Suite
a.Zoho writer ( for documents )
b.Zoho Sheet ( for spreadsheets )
c.Zoho Show ( for presentations )
3.EyeImages ( for viewing photos, etc )
5.Navigator ( browser )
6.Mail Client
7.Ftp Client
With all of these applications available from any computer with a browser, I don’t have to worry about having that special flash drive with me. All of what I am working on resides at the cloud location, until I download it and make use of the document or presentation.

As forgetful as I can be at times, it is good to know that my CLOUD has my back :-)