Some time ago, I purchased a shareware program for my windows xp laptop. It was called “Goldwave”. Later, I had a hard drive failure on the laptop and didn”t know where my registration key was for the Goldwave software when I installed it again. I wrote to Goldwave, they researched it and emailed me the key.

Unfortunately, the application has to be re-installed again and the key information is not on any of my running computers.

Pride — I really don’t want to write Goldwave again. By doing so, I am admitting how sloppy my record keeping really is.

Punishment — Either write Goldwave or search all available hard drives ( usb external or hard drives on the shelf ) for any reference to either the key or the email.

It is a slow process.

Perserverance —

I can’t believe I found it!

It was 3 years ago when I asked Goldwave for the registration key. Two years ago, I switched email providers and email client programs. Major renovations in my computer system followed, including the elimination of windows xp on my normal desktop pc.

Backups are wonderful!

Before the last major change to my desktop, I backed up my windows xp drive to an external hard drive – a complete image of that drive! Thank goodness for backups. Burried deep in the image was old email files that were used with a previous email provider.

It really pays to: all emails ( incoming & outgoing )
2.backup up your drives
3.have secondary backups ( completely external from your location )

Coming soon – 10 plus online tools to save the day.