I have one of the 65000 netbooks given out free by Google. It’s affectionately known as CR-48. Google is using it to test it’s operating system called Chrome. They informed their possible recipients that some things may not work.

Even with some things not working, it is still a very useful device. I am writing this article on the netbook. The file is stored on Google’s cloud ( Google Docs ). I don’t have to worry about a hard drive crash or someone stealing my netbook. The file is safe in the bosom of Google’s massive computer center.

Today I wrote an email on the CR-48 intending to send it to myself at another email address, but I accidentally sent it to an email address I rarely use. It took me a few minutes to realize my mistake. It was received at the almost never used email server. It prompted me to search all my various email sites for messages.

I didn’t realize how many email accounts I have.

yahoo.com, juno.com, tuftux.com, gmail.com, a church email account, a high school reunion email account, two on shell accounts — just to name a few.. Some of these email accounts are over 10 years old!

I believe I have enough email accounts, don’t you?