You have heard it said that you should back up your data on you pc. I am here to affirm that. My webserver that brings you this weblog is a prime example of non-backup of the data.

A few days ago, I noticed that none of my websites coming from my webserver were on line. I suspect that the computer had failed to restart after a power failure. I found out differently. I could not start the computer with my present hard drive. It made weird noises and failed to boot.

The first thing I did was reroute my webpages to an external site just to have the front page of each website available on the internet as an emergency display. Next I started to troubleshoot.

Through the use of SPINRITE, I was able to repair the hard drive. I still could not get the hard drive to work in the webserver pc. Final result is that the hard drive controller has gone amuck.

I put the hard drive in another pc and did a direct copy of the hard drive with all applications, configurations, and web data. I also copied all of my webserver data to another pc hard drive and will continue to do so.

One of the major problems with pc’s and hard drives is that unless you save your data in multiple drives, save it on hard copy, you are open to disaster.

Formulate a back up plan and stick with it. One day you will thank me for it.